To order your guitar please fill out the order form. Please do not feel limited by presented choices. These are just the most common options if you feel you want something not listed, please do not hesitate to fill in a box for special requests below.

When your order is received and processed we will contact you in order to discuss every single detail.

Only after you are completely satisfied with every single detail of your custom instrument and all specs have been properly and formally agreed upon, the building process is ready to begin.

In order to start your build 60% deposit is required for tone-wood and hardware. When the deposit is received the working process begins. The remaining part of the price can be paid throughout the whole process but has to be paid before shipping at the latest.

It usually takes 6 - 9 months from the beginning of the working process (deposit is received) for guitar to be made. The time may differ according to specs of the current build.

Yes, we ship our guitars worldwide. The shipping within EU is €50 and worldwide shipping is individual according to the country of the customer. The parcel is properly insured in case any damage occurs during the transportation.

Yes, we do offer endorsement. We would like to support active musicians with enthusiasm. There are no restrictions and it really doesn`t matter if our guitars will be promoted via live performances, playthroughs, reviews etc. The amount of the rebate depends on mutual discussion. In case you are a band interested in our guitars and you feel that together we can push ourselves further do not hesitate to contact us. Provide us with as much as information as you can, along with your ideas of our cooperation and we will off. We are looking forward to hear from you.